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YMCA swim lessons include swim skills as well as an emphasis on safety and endurance skills. The YMCA philosophy also encourages the development of the child’s Spirit, Mind, and Body. We believe this is what sets the YMCA youth programs apart from others.

All classes will meet seven-eight times per session. There will be no make-up classes available.

Skill levels and descriptions are at the bottom of the page.

Classes can be adapted for those with special needs.

Contact The Aquatics Department at 662-1203


PARENT/CHILD (6 months to 3 years) Parents learn methods of working with their young ones to encourage water adjustment, self confidence, safety and fun in the pool. One adult must accompany each child. Tight fitting plastic pants or swim diapers are required in the pool.

(PRESCHOOL) PIKE/EEL (3 to 5 years - Beginner) For those with little or no swimming experience. Class goals include water adjustment, blowing bubbles, kicking, floating and independent swimming. A bubble or instructional device is required at this level. These may be purchased at the Front Desk.

(PRESCHOOL) RAY/STARFISH (3 to 5 years - Intermediate - Advanced) For those that can swim independently with their face in the water. Class goals include front crawl with rotary breathing, backstroke, treading water, and deep water swimming.

POLLIWOG (Ages 6 and older) This is the beginning level for school-age children. It gets children acquainted with the pool, the use of flotation devices, and front and back floating. By the end of this level, the swimmer should know the front paddle stroke, side paddle, and back paddle-stroke.

GUPPY (Ages 6 and older) The children continue to practice and build upon basic skills without the aid of a flotation device. They are introduced to lead-up strokes to the front and back crawl, side stroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke.

MINNOW (Ages 6 and older) The children further refine the lead-up strokes they have learned as their skills become more like those normally used in swimming.

FISH (Ages 6 and older) Students work to perform the crawl stroke, elementary backstroke, back crawl stroke and side stroke with turns. They are introduced to the butterfly stroke.

FLYING FISH (Ages 6 and older) Students work on refining their strokes and increasing their endurance.

SHARK (Ages 6 and older) The students at this level continue to improve their strokes with starts and turns, and are introduced to the inverted breaststroke and the over-arm side stroke.