ADULT  $43.00 mo    $516.00 yr                      FAMILY $58.50 mo   $702.00 yr

Sr Adult (62+) $39.00 mo  $468.00 yr             Sr Couple $52.25 mo  $627.00 yr

Young Adult (18-24) $35.00 mo $420.00 yr    Teen (7th-12th) $17.50 mo  $210.00 yr

Youth (3yr-6th) $8.50 mo $102.00 yr



Membership and Program Scholarships:

Within our capabilities, no person is refused program or membership privileges because of inability to pay fees. Contributions enable the YMCA to sponsor membership and program scholarships for youth and families in need. You can apply for these yearly scholarships at the front desk.


The Staff here at the HUTCHINSON YMCA believe that your and your families mental and physical health and wellness, in these stressful times, are incredibly important. Having access to the YMCA facility and programs can help our community so much!

With that being said, we want to let you know about our BRIDGE PROGRAM. This program is intended to help our community with scholarships to help bridge the gap in a financial situation caused by COVID-19. Many community members are struggling and we don’t want their financial situation to keep them from staying healthy or keep their children from getting to participate in life enhancing programs. If you or someone you know in our community needs temporary help please come in and talk to us we are here for YOU!

The Hutchinson Family YMCA is a non-profit Christian organization as classified in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are deductible to the full extent as defined by law.

Funds for scholarships have been made possible by contributions of patrons & United Way allocations. Come by the YMCA & fill out a scholarship application today!