GYMNASTICS offers many hours of fun, fitness, flexibility, coordination, strength, agility and balance

Recreational classes: Our program offers 28 recreational classes that are offered every six weeks.  We offer these recreational classes year around.

Competitive TEAM: We also have a Competitive Team that trains year around.  We have team tryouts in the month of May.  We work on our skills during the summer months and then start working on routines late summer.  Our competitive team usually hosts a meet once a year here in Hutchinson!

In our bar room we have two full sets of uneven bars, we have a single bar, parallel bars, a chin up bar, and several other stations used for drills to improve body positions for different skills on the bars.

In our beam room we have two full size balance beams, one 8’ low beam, 5’ floor beams, small single bar, stall bar and rectangle trampoline.

We have a competition floor in the family gym that we use to practice our floor skills on.  We have a great variety of mats that we use during our lessons to help enhance the teaching of the skills we are trying to help the gymnast learn.  We also have our table vault and spring boards that we will occasionally use for the recreational classes, but use regularly with our team girls.

ALL equipment is only to be used by Gymnastic Instructors while they are teaching classes.

Leotards and shorts that are made by the company that makes the Olympic Gymnastics Team leotards are for sale in Cathy’s office.

Birthday Parties Rentals – are available on Saturday afternoons.  We offer fun activities and then you have access to a private room for the presents and cake.



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