Personal Training


5 Benefits of Choosing Personal Training

  1. Work with an expert who can provide personalized service tailored to fit your needs.
  2. Ensure your safety as you learn how to exercise smarter, not harder.
  3. Have someone who will hold you accountable and kick you into high gear.
  4. Discover exercises you would never do on your own.
  5. Build confidence and get results beyond the mirror.

Not sure where to begin? Contact Amanda, Wellness Director or Deanna, Aquatics Director and start your road to success!

Cost: Each session equals 1 hour of training, and can be broken into 45 or 30 minutes.

Individual Training                         

4 Sessions                              $36 ($144)                    

8 Sessions                               $32 ($256)                   

12 Sessions                            $29 ($348)


Youth Fitness Programs

This program is for youth ages 11-15 years old and is free to all members.  Youth ages 11-12 will take the orientation class, with one of our weight room specialist, and then be allowed to work out in the cardio and weight room facilities with an adult present.  Youth 13-15 will need take the orientation class and then he/she will be allowed to work out in the cardio and weight room facilities by themselves. Please schedule this free service with the Membership Service Desk, call or stop in for times and days of availability.